Oct 3, 2018, 6:01 PM
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US, Zionist regime against IAEA independence

Tehran, October 3, IRNA - The International Atomic Energy Agency called the Zionist regime's information on Iran's nuclear facilities as superficial, emphasizing the independence of the international body, which the US and Zionists seem to deliberately ignore.

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said in a statement yesterday that the independence of the agency was of tremendous importance, and that the agency would send its inspectors whenever needed.

He said the agency did not pay attention to the seemingly valuable information.

This statement by Amano was in response to statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly in New York this year.

'Today, I want to unveil the new nuclear facilities in Tehran,' Netanyahu said by showing a map. Apparently this is a carpet shop, but it is actually an atomic storage.

Netanyahu claimed that Iran had a nuclear stockpile in 'Toroguzabad' region in southern Tehran, which has been hidden from scrutiny of the IAEA inspectors.

He said Iran uses this secret storehouse to store nuclear material and equipment, and there are 300 of these equipment and materials in the warehouse, which has left 15 kilograms of it.

Netanyahu even said that the information about this barn had been filed with the IAEA, but at the same time he was angry with the agency's indifference to his alleged claims, telling Amano: 'Do the right thing'.

Zionist Prime Minister, ignoring the IAEA's quarterly reports, which all confirmed Iran's commitment to a deal said to Amano, 'Tell the world once and for all the truth about Iran.'

A US intelligence official responded shortly after Netanyahu's statements, saying that the information was not a new subject for Washington, and that his authorities were aware of this information.

The Israeli media reiterated the statement on Tuesday that the agency rejected the demands of Israel, and the newspaper 'The Times of Israel' reported with the headline that the United Nations nuclear agency ignored Netanyahu 's formal charges of Iran.

The Zionist newspaper confirmed in its report that 'Israel is strongly opposed to the nuclear deal', and congratulated the President of the United States Donald Trump on his decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal.

Netanyahu also tried to disrupt the nuclear deal by presenting alleged allegations about the past Iran's nuclear program last April.

He claimed that the secret archives discovered from a warehouse in Tehran include plans to build a nuclear warhead.

At the same time, with the peaceful and transparent verification of Iran's nuclear activities, the agency broke Netanyahu's attempt to disturb the JCPOA on the eve of the Trump decision to suspend nuclear sanctions within the framework of the agreement, and stated that the Agency, as stated in the 2015 report, has not seen any signs of nuclear activities related to non-systematic aspects of Iran since 2009 (2009).


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