Occupation, terrorism main reasons for humanitarian crises

Damascus, October 3, IRNA- Permanent Representative of Syria at the United Nations Headquarters in Europe said that occupation, terrorism and unjust unilateral sanctions and efforts to undermine and overthrow governments are the main reasons for the humanitarian crisis, displacement and migration of citizens.

Hessamuddin Alla, at the sixty-nine meeting of the Executive Committee of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, added, 'While we are discussing the work of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) under existing pressures, some parties refrain from fulfilling their financial obligations, and It is subject to political constraints that are contrary to the principles of human activity.'

'We emphasize that the focus on the criteria and principles of UN human organization is to refrain from political action and be the best response to these pressures,' he said.

The permanent representative of Syria at the United Nations headquarters said, 'It is important to deal with the sufferings and challenges of forced migration and to meet the urgent and emergency humanitarian needs of displaced people, but more importantly, to confront the roots of this displacement to stop the process and provide conditions for their return to their countries'.

'Undermining the stability of some countries and the weakening of their institutions and their governments and the attempt to overthrow these states are a common feature and the main cause of many humanitarian crises and forced migrations.


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