Oct 3, 2018, 3:05 PM
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Zarif: Iranians allergic to 'threat, sanctions'

Tehran, Oct 3, IRNA – Sanctions and pressures have not worked on Iran; Iranians are allergic to threats and the US had better speak to them with a language other than threat and sanctions, said the Iranian minister of foreign affairs in an interview with Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN).

The talks should be realistic and negotiations, per se, don’t solve any problem, said Mohammad-Javad Zarif when asked to comment on the possibility of his meeting with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

'I've always been open to dialogue. But dialogue does not require mutual trust. It requires mutual respect. And mutual respect starts with respecting yourself. That is respecting your own commitments. Respecting what you have agreed to.'

Referring to the US' lack of commitment to the internationally accepted Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as Iran deal, Zarif said, 'Secretary Pompeo doesn't represent an individual, he represents the United States government. And the United States, according to the international law, is committed to the JCPOA, is obliged to observe the JCPOA.'

He also said the deal was also confirmed by the UN Security Council resolution.

'Last I checked, the United States is still a permanent member of the Security Council. President Trump sat on the seat of the president of the Security Council. So they should respect the house that they represent.'

Regarding the US' slamming Iran 'influence' in Iraq, he said, 'We have good relations and influence in Iraq; however, it does not mean controlling Iraq because the US also has good relations with other countries, which should not be taken as a token of the US' controlling their nations.'

Touching on Iran-China ties, he said that the two countries have strong relations in different fields and that China is the number-one economic partner of Iran.


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