President Trump fanned feelings of conflicts, hatred at UN: Ex-Pak envoy

Islamabad, Oct 3, IRNA - Pakistan's former ambassador to Tehran says US President Donald Trump used the forum of the United Nations to fan the feelings of hatred and conflicts which is contrary to the basic principles of the international forum.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency, (IRNA), Chairman of Pakistan's Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI) Khalid Mehmood, said that President Trump abused the forum of the UN.

He said UN is a forum for promotion of peace and it is a place where conflicts among nations are supposed to be resolved through peaceful means, but US President Donald Trump used this forum for something which is contrary to the principles of the UN.

“He tried to fan the feelings of conflicts and hatred which has not been liked by the comity of nations which was also evident from the reaction which was there after President Trump spoke,” the analyst said.

The expert on international affairs said President Trump’s policy vis-à-vis Iran is not even shared by his closest allies ; they want to maintain the nuclear deal; they want to have normal, political, diplomatic, commercial and economic relations with Iran.

“Having served as an ambassador of Pakistan to Iran I know that Iranian people know how to protect their core interests and they know how to stand up against all the pressures,” Khalid Mehmood said.

He was of the view that sooner or later President Trump would realize that he was not following the right policies.

The analyst said that new Pakistani government has clearly stated that its focus is on having best of the relations with neighbors.

He said unfortunately occupation of foreign forces in Afghanistan is creating the resistance. Chairman of ISSI expressing his views said that there is greater convergence between Iran and Pakistan on situation of Afghanistan.

Former ambassador added with Iran ‘we have a natural affinity and we have to build upon it. He noted that on economic end satisfactory progress has not been made between Iran and Pakistan.’

“I don’t see any major problem in Iran-Pakistan ties,” said the expert.


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