Iran's lawsuit in Hague opportunity to determine extent of US' bullying

Tehran, Oct 1st, IRNA -- International legal experts argue that Iran's lawsuit against the US in the Hague Criminal Court is an opportunity to recognize economic war as an example of the use of force.

Tehran, accusing Washington of slipping into the Iranian economy, called for the Hague Tribunal to address the case and issue a moratorium on the suspension of sanctions imposed by Donald Trump after the withdrawal of a nuclear deal.

Washington announced that the Hague has no jurisdiction to hear and determine the case, given that it is a matter of national security.

According to international lawyers, the Iran-US conflict in the Hague International Criminal Court is an important opportunity to issue a ruling on economic war, which has not been defined as an instance of force.

International law expert Jeff Gordon said the case may provide a legal basis for the court to determine the extent of the American bullying in accordance with international law.

He added that although economic sanctions can have the same effects and even worse than weapons and bombs, international law, for reasons related to the interests of the powers, has never officially described economic war as an example of the use of force, which according to the charter of the UN are forbidden.


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