Oct 1, 2018, 4:50 PM
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Iran pursues right of Ahvaz victims

Tehran , Oct 1, IRNA -- Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Monday that Iran will not allow any rights of the Iranian people, its martyrs and its survivors, to be violated.

Qasemi made the remark in connection with Iran's Ahvaz terrorist incident.

'I hope that by collecting evidence, providing information and presenting them, we can follow the necessary measures, which are specifically related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and our actions will be such that other countries are more committed to discussing terrorism and groups that have settled in these countries.'

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that other departments will act seriously and based on their intrinsic duties, adding, 'This is not an issue where the Islamic Republic of Iran simply passes through. We are at the beginning and will continue to do whatever it takes to deter the terrorist groups and the centers for the promotion and creation of terrorism.

Qasemi said, 'We will continue the process. The Islamic Republic will act more seriously than ever.'

'The department was created on the basis of a necessity that coincided with the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA and unilateral sanctions, which largely outlined the responsibilities of the department,' the Foreign Ministry spokesman said in response to the assessment of the achievement of the ministry's economic department.

Qasemi added, 'Due to the duties and actions that the department has so far, it requires hours of discussion that should be spoken about later.

In response to a German court request for extradition of an Iranian diplomat, detained in Germany, to Belgium, he said, 'With regard to the charges, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has since the beginning addressed the subject through its embassy in Berlin.'

The Foreign Ministry spokesman added, 'We hope that the German government will be well acquainted with the facts and what has happened, and that our diplomat will be acquitted and returned to Iran.'

Qasemi added, 'All necessary and feasible efforts have been made in this regard, and we will pursue the issue until the final result. '

In response to the fact that, given the mechanism that the EU has designed, will the possibility of large companies be made available to the country, he said the mechanism, which has different sectors in the field of energy, banking, transportation and oil, is being pursued. We have reached a mutual understanding and are on the track.

He noted that what we saw at the UN was that the world today does not agree with American unilateralism and is not interested in such authoritarian policies.

The spokesman added that if a new experience with these mechanisms is in place, it can create new solutions for other countries, but it needs work and negotiation.


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