Pakistani minister calls for expansion of ties with Iran

Islamabad, Oct 1, IRNA - Pakistan’s Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Khan Afridi has said that new government in Pakistan is determined to expand its ties with Iran in all spheres.

In an interview with IRNA, he said friendship between Iran and Pakistan cannot be described in words, it is everlasting relationship and will grow even further.

The minister said that Iran was the first country in the world that recognized Pakistan after its creation in 1947. He added that both countries have always stood by each other in times of pains and happiness.

Shehryar Khan Afridi went on to say that the new government in Pakistan wants to enhance its ties with neighbors, Muslim world and other countries of the world which special emphasis on ties with Iran.

“We want to take our relationship with Iran at a level where it can become a precedent for other countries of the world,” said the minister.

He said that after assuming the charge of ministry he went to Iran-Pakistan border at Taftan to review the facilities and security provided to pilgrims traveling to Iran.

“I have also requested to the Iranian government that whenever I come to Taftan next time, I would like to visit the Iranian side of the border to check the facilities to pilgrims,” he said.
The official said that providing safety of life and wealth is the responsibility of the government, adding that because of the stringent security measures taken by the government, 10 days of Muharram passed peacefully in Pakistan.

“We will not compromise on internal security of Pakistan,” he stated.

He said that the month of Muharram is sacred to all Muslims around the world; this month teaches us the lessons of bravery, sacrifice and sincerity.

“Not to surrender before tyrant is the philosophy of Imam Hussain (AS),” Afridi said. He said some forces in the world through a conspiracy are trying to create misunderstanding and unrest in the Muslim world. They want to dominate the Muslim world.'

He added that recent incident of terrorism in Ahvaz which claimed 25 lives is highly condemnable rather it was an attack on humanity.

Shehryar Khan Afridi said that nation of Pakistan is with their Iranian brothers in this time of pain. He stated that Pakistan has been one of the major victims of terrorism ‘so we know how much these attacks are painful.’

He prayed to Allah almighty to bless all Muslims with peace and prosperity and hoped that resolve of Iran and Pakistan to fight against terrorism will be strengthened.

The minister went to say that a day will come when Iran, Pakistan and other Muslims countries will lead the whole world.


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