Oct 1, 2018, 8:34 AM
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Zarif: US makes all wrong moves against Iran

New York, Oct 1, IRNA – The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made all wrong moves against Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

Zarif made the remarks Sunday in an exclusive interview with US media 'CBS'.

Commenting on his view of Pompeo, Zarif said, 'What should I make of him? He's- he's made all the wrong moves against Iran. And- and I believe he has made major mistakes about our region. I believe- I mean seriously. I believe the United States needs to review its policy with regard to our region.'

Commenting on US President Donald Trump's instable and unpredictable position toward Iran, Zarif said, 'Today he says he wants to talk to President Rouhani. Tomorrow he says President Rouhani is a corrupt dictator.'

'Then he says he- he's a lovely man. Then he says we have asked to talk and he is not prepared to talk,' he added.

Elaborating on the possibility of holding talks with US, he noted, 'So let's be serious, no. Until he decides- first of all, President Trump has not decided whether he wants to meet, not meet, dictator, lovely man- whichever- whichever it is. But, until the United States shows that it's respectable, trustworthy partner in negotiations- negotiations are not based on trust. Negotiations on based on- are based on respect, based on a- an expectation that the other side will comply with its decisions that it's undertaken under the negotiations.'

On Trump's allegations at UNGA meeting, Zarif said, ' I think it's not a sign of strength. He's making all those statements. He convened a meeting of the Security Council to bash Iran, and at the end of the day 14 out of 15 members of the Security Council bashed his decision to walk away from JCPOA. So unfortunately the United States has managed to isolate itself in the world.'

Zarif said, 'Well I mean- the xenophobic tendencies that he has exhibited, the wall, the Muslim ban - ban on Iranians traveling to the United States. All of these are rem-I mean reminiscent of the type of mentality.'

'Being forceful is not being logical. Iran- has stated very clearly, we reject the killing of innocent people no matter what the numbers, no matter by who,' he reiterated.

Elaborating on the Holocaust and killing 6 million Jews, he said, 'Of course it did. And a huge number of people died - a huge number of innocent people who died. But- it does not justify depriving others of their homeland. It does- it does not justify building settlements in the territory of other people. It does not justify violating on mass the rights of Palestinians. The Holocaust cannot be used as a justification for an apartheid policy in Palestine.'

Zarif went on to say that 'Iranians went out in large numbers on September 11th, 2001 holding a candle light to mourn the death of Americans. The same Iranians cannot come here to the United States to see their kids and grandkids. We have received negative response from the United States government.'

'The current government unreasonably destroyed an agreement that had been worked on for so many years. So I think we are the ones who should be complaining. President Trump in his televised statements has insulted the Iranians. He called the entire Iranian people a terrorist nation. He called us an outlaw nation. You don't take that lightly,' he added.


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