Sep 29, 2018, 9:15 AM
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‘Iran’ magazine published in Japanese

Tehran, Sept 29, IRNA - A magazine titled ‘Iran’ was compiled and published in Japanese in Tokyo to mark the country’s culture and civilization.

‘Iran’ has a section introducing the country’s map, flag, religion, demography, seasons and calendar.

The other sections include economy, agriculture, art and culture, sports, cinema, cuisine, handicrafts, technological progress and women’s achievements in the fields of music and sports.

In an article devoted to the country’s history from the ancient time to the present, historical objects registered in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List are mentioned.

Highlighting Iran-Iraq religious ties and commonalities, it also sheds light on certain ambiguities some people have in their minds when it comes to the two neighboring countries.

An interview with Kuniko Yamamura (Babaei) is included, in which she explains her living experience in Iran as a Japanese.

Inaddition, another part is about the life of the renowned Iranian director Amir Naderi in Japan.

Sponsored by Iran’s Cultural Center in Japan, the 40-page magazine promotes Tehran-Tokyo relations.

Source: Iran Daily


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