Regional cooperation to block financial support for terrorism: Iran official

Tehran, Sept 27, IRNA – The regional countries’ continuous role and their close cooperation with each other in different areas will lead to creation of an obstacle on the way of certain extra-regional states to finance terrorism, a senior Iranian security official announced on Thursday.

Regional cooperation will prevent the trans-regional states from using terrorism as a tool for imposing “foreign will” on the governments, Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council said so in a meeting with the visiting national security official of China Deng Jing Wei.

Chinese official travelled to Tehran to attend Regional Security Dialogue, the first meeting of security council heads of the region, held in Tehran on September 26 with participation of Iran, Russia, China, India and Afghanistan.

In the today meeting, Shamkhani referred to massive cooperation between Iran and China in the economic, military and political fields, saying the two also have mutual interest and the same viewpoints which have prepared the ground for fostering bilateral ties and countering international and regional challenges including terrorism.

About the global developments, Shamkhani said that imposing illegitimate sanctions against other countries and misusing the hegemonic system’s economic relations will pave the way for the return of colonialism.

He added that the wrong adopted policies on imposing “will” on the independent states are doomed to failure.

Turing to the issue of bilateral ties, Shamkhani called for acceleration of the process of implementation of agreements between Iranian and Chinese security bodies.

As Shamkhani stressed, terrorism is a threat that disturbs international peace and security.

For his part, the Chinese official appreciated Iran’s effective role in fight against terrorism and extremism.

China believes that sustainable tranquility in the region is necessary to the return of peace and stability to Syria, the official said.

Syria has been suffering from unrest and terrorist acts since March 2011.

The Chinese official further stressed the importance of promoting bilateral and international relations to combat terrorism.

Being indifferent to serious, all-out and impartial fight against terrorism will lead to “uncontrollable” expansion of this phenomenon, he said.

Talking of Beijing-Tehran ties, he said that exchange of views during bilateral meetings will play a leading role in accelerating implementation of mutual agreements.

Tehran’s Regional Security Dialogue issued a statement at the end of the meeting. The statement stressed that policies and measures being adopted and taken to support extremism in the region will be regarded as a threat to the regional security.


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