Sep 26, 2018, 7:35 PM
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President of Bolivia Condemns unilateral policies against Iran

New York, Sept 26, IRNA - Bolivia's president condemned unilateral US policy against Iran, saying Iran has been the victim of US sanctions because of control of its resources.

Evo Morales spoke on Wednesday at a UN Security Council meeting on the issue of non-proliferation, chaired by Donald Trump, President of the United States.

'Bolivia was in a region devoid of chemical weapons during the quarter century, and I call on all countries to adhere to the agreed clauses we have never sought and will never seek chemical weapons production,' he added. 'This is our duty towards the people and future generations.'

The Bolivian president continued, 'Confronting international threats must be through peaceful ways and we must be able to reach this stage by avoiding the use of any kind of weapon against other nations, and putting the days of using these weapons to history.'

Morales referred to the subject of Iran and said, 'We have to deal with the roots of the behaviors that the led to war. In 1953, the United States was behind planning and implementing a coup against a democratically elected Iranian government that nationalized Iran's oil.'

'For decades to come, the United States backed a royal government that filled the pockets of international oil companies. This position continued until the 1979 revolution, but today Iran has taken control of its resources and has once again become the victim of the US.'


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