Sep 26, 2018, 7:32 PM
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Strengthening extremism a threat to regional security

Tehran, Sept 26, IRNA – The first national security secretaries and advisors meeting dubbed 'Regional Security Dialogue' in Tehran wrapped up work on Wednesday afternoon by releasing a final statement.

In the final statement it said terrorism, narcotics, organized crimes and foreign interferences in the region, endanger national security in countries of the region and is facing challenges for growth outlook, economic development and social progress and jeopardize peace in the region.

It said that extremism, violence and radicalism are sources of terrorism and such view points and thought should be confronted.

The statement stressed that terrorism should not be attributed to any religion, nationality or ethnicity.

It supported effective measures of Iran and Russia in confronting terrorist threats of Daesh in Syria.

The statement expressed concern over transfer of Daesh from Syria to Afghanistan and Central Asia and emphasized the need for taking coordinated action in preventing transfer of terrorist groups to Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Establishment of peace and stability and assisting to development and renovation of Afghanistan was supported in the statement and other countries were persuaded to assist Afghanistan government in peace process with Taliban.

The statement also underlined necessity for effective confrontation against cultivation, production and transit of narcotics, as one of the main financial sources for terrorism.

It was agreed to hold the meeting annually and on rotating basis in all the member states.

It was also agreed that the secretariat of the meeting will actively follow up all the agreements and present its report on the issue to the annual meeting.

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