Silence of some countries about Ahvaz attack shameful

Algiers, Sept 26, IRNA - Montaser OBetron, a researcher and famous historian in Algeria, noted that the silence of some countries in the face of Ahvaz's terrorist attack is shameful and regrettable.

The silence of some countries, especially the Arab states, on Ahvaz terrorist attack, is not strange, as those who are responsible for killing women and children in Yemen, can condemn such attacks, an Algerian writer and researcher said in special interview with the correspondent of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'It is not surprising that some countries, especially Arab states in the Persian Gulf region, are silent about the killing of innocent civilians, women and children. They have specific stance on terrorism, and they condemn the terrorist operations, but secretly support it.

The Algerian scholar added that these countries are followers of the US and the Zionist occupying regime and nothing has been done without their consent, what happened in Ahvaz is happening everyday and in front of everyone in Yemen, Yemenis each day are exposed to terrorist attacks (the coalition led by Saudi Arabia). It is not unlikely that the rulers of the Persian Gulf states after the terrorist attack in Ahvaz celebrate it.


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