Sep 25, 2018, 5:34 PM
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Lebanese hold vigil in memory of Ahvaz terror attack victims

Beirut, Sept. 25, IRNA- A number of Lebanese youths in the southern suburbs of Beirut honored martyrs of the Ahvaz terrorist attack by holding a vigil and distributing flowers.

Some Lebanese youth volunteered to declare their solidarity with the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran and martyrs of the military parade in Ahvaz, gathered Monday night in the Martyrs' Resistance Square and the Martyr Seyyed Hadi Nasrallah boulevard in southern suburb of Beirut, in front of photo of Taha, the four-year-old martyr of Ahvaz terrorist attack.

While expressing their disgust at this crime, the young people stated that they were standing b the people of Iran and the Islamic Republic.

One of the young people told IRNA correspondent, 'The terrorists, and abovr them, Zionists have shown their other dirty face repeatedly in Lebanon, as well as other places, by killing women, children and civilians, and in the same area in recent years, some of our friends were martyred, and over the years, the people of Iran have been standing by us; so we decided to do a little work for our brothers in Iran.'

Mohammed another youth also said, 'We chose this place, also known as the Martyrs of Resistance, named after the son of the secretary general of Hezbollah, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, where Zionist terrorism destroyed this point one day with its bombs and several hundred meters away in another explosion, several years later, Takfiri terrorists martyred several young female childern.


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