Sep 25, 2018, 5:21 PM
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Iranian, Italian archeologists cooperate in southern Iran

Tehran, Sept 25, IRNA - The eighth season of archeological explorations in Tale Ajori in the city of Marvdasht in Fars Province was launched with archeologists participating from Iran and Italy.

Alireza Askari Chaverdi, head of the current season of archeological explorations in Talle Ajori, was quoted by the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) as saying on Monday that in the current season, along with the explorations, organizing Talle Ajori is also on the agenda.

Referring to the discovery of sitting platform in the central room of the gate corridor along with the decoration of lotus flowers and identification of the annexed wall located in the northeastern side of the building in the previous season, he said the results of the seventh season of the explorations showed that the plan of the discovered gate was exactly based on the plan of Babylonian Ishtar gate.

The discovery of writings and brick inscription decorated with the name of God in the Elamite language was among other achievements of the seventh season, he said.

Also, he added, based on the accurate stratigraphy, five stages of settlement from the time of the construction of the gate at the beginning of the Achaemenid period up to the withdrawal of area during the same period due to the earthquake and eventually destruction and looting of the bricks of the building and temporary settlement of the middle Islamic periods were identified and studied in the seventh season.

Asgari emphasized that the discovered building of the gateway, located in the Firouzi area of ​ Parse city, is among the most important achievements of the cultural heritage in the recent decades that was obtained under the supervision and support of the Research Center of Archeology of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and in cooperation with the University of Birjand, the University of Bologna in Italy, and the World Heritage Site of the Persepolis.


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