Sep 25, 2018, 1:11 PM
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UAE involvement in Ahvaz attack, not far from mind: Academic

Doha, Sept 25, IRNA - The possibility of UAE's involvement in Ahvaz terrorist attack on Saturday cannot be ruled out as Abu Dhabi has been promoting sedition everywhere in the world, a Qatari academic wrote in an article.

Rabia bin Sabah Al Kuwari, a Qatari university lecturer, raised the question of whether the UAE has any role in Ahvaz terror attack in an article published recently in the Doha-based Arabic Al Sharq newspaper.

Al Kuwari said Abu Dhabi continues to cause problems and promote sedition in all countries and it is presumed to be involved in all acts of terrorism in Arab and non-Arab and also African countries.

He went on to say it is not surprising that the finger of suspicion immediately falls on some neighboring countries, especially on the UAE, since it has always played a part in brutality against countries whose policies are at odds with those of the Arab nations.

According to Al Kuwari, the United Arab Emirtes seeks to pursue its ambitious policies in the region and around the world using a long-term pre-designed plan.

He stressed that the world slammed the deadly strike, which violated all international laws and conventions, and the condemnation dealt a heavy blow to the terrorists who carried out the bloodshed.

The Qatari academic said while most regional countries condemned the raid and described it a horrible crime, some arrogant countries chose to turn a blind eye to it and this indicates they agree with UAE's hostile policies.

Al Kuwari described as unacceptable the terrorist attack in the Iranian southern city, saying moves which are based on killing innocent civilians promote sedition and cannot be justified.

He predicted the hidden hands behind the crime will soon be revealed and those involved in disturbing other countries' security will lose face.

The terror raid, which took place during a military parade on Saturday, killed 24 people, including civilians, and injured 69.

The bloodshed drew condemnation from around the world, however, some countries including the United Arab Emirates fell short of showing any reaction.


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