Sep 23, 2018, 6:14 PM
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Old copper, stone periods identified in western Iran

Tehran, Sept 23, IRNA - The oldest periods so far identified in the retrospective program in the city of Qorveh in Kurdestan Province are the Old Copper and Stone eras.

Fereshteh Sharifi, head of the retrospective program for the archeological survey and identification in the city of Qorveh was quoted by the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) as saying that in the current program efforts were made to carefully survey the margin of the Telvar and Shur rivers and in addition also cover the foothills and the plain of Qorveh in order to get acquainted with the settlement condition of different periods.

Apparently the type of the dispersion of the settlement areas is as such that they were mainly centered near the river and the lower parts of the plain, she added.

In the present methodological study, the area under study is divided into 9x9 km networks, and according to the format of the Center for Archeological Research each square has its own code, she noted.

Sharifi added that on the basis of this study, each square would be surveyed separately and has its own code.

She noted that in the early studies, more than half of the area was covered and 140 artifacts were identified, one quarter of which were seen for the first time.

The head of the archeology team said that according to the forecasts most of the sites were related to the historic and Islamic periods, among which the role of the Islamic sites is more highlighted.

What is important is that the settlements have been formed on the margin of the Shur and Telvar rivers and it is hard to find traces of historical monuments in the heights above the river, Sharifi said.

“Of course”, she noted, “this matter is true in the northern parts of the city and in the southern parts, as was mentioned in the above, with the creation of canals, aqueduct and drainage of the region there is a higher diversity of the settlement species.

She said that the oldest period identified so far is the Old Copper and Stone era.

City of Qorveh is located in the southwest of Kurdestan Province and 1900 meters above the water level, indicating the cold weather of the area in the Iranian plateau.

The city has a span of ​​2,430 square kilometers, and the Shur River is the main river of the city and Telvar is one of its main branches. Fertile lands, along with a large number of springs, have increased the importance of settlement there from a long time ago since today.


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