Sep 23, 2018, 3:58 PM
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Iran's authority intolerable for plunderers: Majlis speaker

Tehran, Sept 23, IRNA – The criminal acts in the Iranian city of Ahvaz demonstrated that the world plunderers cannot tolerate Iran's independence and authority, said the country's Majlis (Parliament) Speaker, Ali Larijani on Sunday.

The dazzling display of modern weaponries s during the parade in Ahvaz this year was a maneuver of power and independence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Larijani told the Iranian lawmakers during the open session of Majlis.

Such parades of power could not be tolerated by the plunderers and that is why they committed such a criminal act in Ahvaz, he said.

Larijani said this year, dozens of our beloved fellow countrymen in Khuzestan people joined the ranks of all those who were martyred or injured during the days of the Sacred Defense.

The Majlis speaker also said the parade by the armed forces in any country is indication of the authority of the system.

Especially when it comes to a country like Iran which has been under military sanctions since the beginning of the Revolution, such military parades showcasing various military hardware, all developed by the country's indigenous experts, indicates the youth are following in Imam Khomeini's footsteps and through their strong will, they can be independent on many levels.

Larijani went on to say that for years, via extensive propaganda they have been trying to plunder the countries in the region by adhering to the theory that sanctions are imposed on Iran because of its support for the regional countries, persuading them into buying new weapons from the US to be able to stand against Iran's power restricted under sanctions.

In addition to looting the countries, they are planning to help the Zionist regime of Israel dominate these miserable countries in the region.

Despite the US propaganda and all its plots against the country, including imposition of war and sanctions, Iran's independence during the past 40 years since the Revolution has been a source of inspiration for the region.


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