Sep 23, 2018, 2:36 PM
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Iran's enemies' efforts doomed to failure: Diplomat

London, September 23, IRNA - Iran's ambassador to London denounced the unprecedented effort and the mobilization of the enemies of Iran to undermine the country, and stated that the Iranian nation will eventually be victorious and prosperous via national sovereignty and unity.

At the beginning of his speech, Hamid Baeedinejad, who spoke Saturday in the commemoration of the anniversary of the Sacred Defense at the Tawhid Center in London, said, 'Sacred Defense does not cover only dark scenes like the use of chemical weapons, but the effects of the glory of faith and resistance against aggression by a nation has also been shown.'

Baeedinejad referred to Iraq's use of chemical weapons as the most widespread use of these weapons, which was faced the silence of international community and great powers.

He emphasized that in the documents of the Security Council at that time, one could only refer to the use of chemical weapons without indicating the culprit and victim.

Iranian ambassador pointed to the roots of the formation of terrorist groups in Iraq, including ISIS, and said it was result of the indecisive of Western countries in the years after the invasion of Iraq.

He argued that Iran has always warned against western support of extremist and terrorist groups that it would cause insecurity throughout the world. He noted, however, that the West has never heard these warnings for its short-term goals.

Baeedinejad continued to comment on the economic and media struggle that the country is currently engaged in, and said, 'We are officially in the economic war,' and it's considered a war that is tied up with a media battle.'


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