Iran to call on Ofcom to prosecute “Iran International” TV channel

London, Sept 22, IRNA – Iran’s ambassador in London Hamid Baeidinejad said on Saturday that Iran will formally pursue with Ofcom to investigate the “heinous act” of “Iran International” to broadcast an interview with the spokesperson of the terrorist group behind today’s terrorist attack in Ahvaz.

Writing on his official Twitter account, Baeidinejad said “Iran International” has shamefully broadcast the interview.

He described Iran International’s act as supporting terrorism and violence.

Four gunmen opened fire on people and officials who were watching the march of military units marking the beginning of the Sacred Defense (1990-98 Iraqi imposed war on Iran) on Saturday morning.

The latest death toll of the incident has been announced 25, while some 60 others were wounded.

Issuing a message on social network, the self-proclaimed Al-Ahwaziyeh separatist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

UK envoy to Iran Rob Macaire condoled with the families of the victims.

Writing on his twitter account, Macaire said, “a shocking terrorist attack. Wherever it happens terrorism must be condemned'.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also promised swift and decisive response to the terror attack in southwestern Iran.

'Terrorists recruited, trained, armed & paid by a foreign regime have attacked Ahvaz. Children and journos among casualties. Iran holds regional terror sponsors and their US masters accountable for such attacks. Iran will respond swiftly and decisively in defense of Iranian lives,' Zarif tweeted on Saturday.


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