Sep 22, 2018, 5:24 PM
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Envoy: Iran island of stability in unrestrained region

Madrid, Sept 22, IRNA- Iran's ambassador in Cuba Kambiz Sheykh Hassani, said on the anniversary of the Holy Defense Week that 'today, Iran is one of the most advanced countries and island of stability in an unstable region'.

Sheikh Hassani in a conversation with Radio Havana stated, 'Imposed war is a very important issue in our contemporary history. On September 22, 1980, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ordered a military offensive and aggression against Iran, which was only one year since the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Revolutionary people led by Imam Khomeini, who kicked out a dictator and a US puppet regime in order to become independent and take control of their own affairs.

Iran's ambassador to Havana added that Saddam was dreaming occupying Iran's oil-rich sectors in order to stabilize his power over Iraq and the region, and thought the revolutionary system had no power to defend itself. Unfortunately, in this dangerous adventure, several Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region, the United States, Israel, Britain, Germany, France and the Soviet Union, each with a different motive, have supported Saddam.

Sheykh Hassani reminded that the imposed war against the Iranian nation lasted eight years. Over 220,000 Iranian military and civilians were martyred in the war, and hundreds of thousands were wounded, became homeless and displaced. Material damage to Iran was estimated to be $100 billion.

Sheikh Hassani recalled, 'The Iraqi Ba'ath regime committed many crimes, including attacking cities with aircraft and missiles, chemical bombardment of soldiers and cities, and torture and execution of Iranian prisoners, but eventually 'we relied on ourselves and expelled him from Iranian soil'. UN resolution 598 was the end of the conflict.

He stressed that the Iranian nation gave sustained losses and damages, but defended its land and honor against the aggressor supported by the powers of the East and the West and Arab reaction. This war also made 'our nation' more resistant. Today, 'we have become much more powerful than 38 years ago when the war was imposed on us'. Saddam was an ambitious leader who not only hurt his great neighbor Iran, but continued his foolishness attacking his Arab neighbor, Kuwait, and ultimately, he and his country became prey to the invasion of America.


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