10 days of Muharram passed peacefully in Pakistan amid tight security

Islamabad, Sept 22, IRNA – The 10 days of mourning month of Muharram passed peacefully in Pakistan and no terrorist incident occurred due to strict security measures taken by the security forces.

Muharram is the sacred month in which Muslims commemorate the martyrs of Karbala. Mourning congregations and processions are held to pay homage to the Imam Hussain (AS)-led martyrs of Karbala.

Imam Hussain's (AS) uprising in Karbala is regarded as the symbol of resistance against oppressors by Muslims, as the grandson of Islam's Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with a small troop and his relatives stood up against injustice.

Shias account for 20 percent of the Muslim population in Pakistan and the country is home to the second largest Shia population after Iran. However, the Sunni population in Pakistan also observes the month with religious spirit.

The rallies and processions were taken out from in various cities during all these days. The security forces played a significant role in keeping the Ashura peaceful.

As Pakistan has been the target of terrorism in past so the government has taken special measures during Muharram so that no terrorist element can target religious gatherings and processions.

Extra contingents of paramilitary Rangers, police and police commandos were deployed along the routes of the processions and Imambargahs in different cities. The processions were monitored through command and control centers.

Pillion riding was banned and the mobile phone service remained suspended at the routes of the processions in some cities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had also directed that a comprehensive action plan should be chalked out in consultation with all the stakeholders for the security of Zaireen (pilgrims) visiting Iran, Iraq and other holy places during the upcoming month of Muharram.

Shia people during the month don’t forget their Sunni brothers in Pakistan and send Niaz (food prepared for free distribution) to their Sunni neighbors and friends regularly in the holy month.

People from different sects of Pakistani society try to avoid those things which could harm the sanctity of the month while they also promote harmony and unity through their behaviors in everyday lives.


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