Iranian Student's Research Paper published in Scientific Reports Journal

Tehran, Sept 18, IRNA- The findings section of the PhD dissertation of Iranian student in the Physics Department of the Razi University of Kermanshah, were published as an article, entitled 'Superconducting Phases in Lithium-Coated Lithium Graphene', in the international Journal of Scientific Report- Nature Publishing.

Rostam Moradian, a faculty member of the Department of Physics at the University of Razi and the supervisor of the thesis, have in the article pointed to the importance of nano in science and technology and said, 'Graphene is a scientifically and technologically significant material in which single-layer graphene layers are arranged and has unique properties.'

'One of the properties of single-layer graphene is that it has a lot of conductivity and its conductivity does not generate heat, and the electron velocity is comparable to the speed of light, which is very much considered in terms of technology for energy, information and electron transfer,' he said.

'If graphene becomes a superconductor, electrons and computer industry will undergo major technological changes. it will be of great use in all industries, especially in the military field,' Moradian said.

A member of the faculty at the Razi University's Physics Department added, 'Graphene is not superconducting in normal mode, but it can be converted into superconductors by placing certain atoms on top of the plates.'

'Superconducting Phases in Lithium-Coated Lithium Graphene' article is the result of the research in the doctoral dissertation of Dr Rohullah Gholami, whose research has begun to be conducted in 2015 and has run a period of study at a university abroad.