Sep 18, 2018, 4:15 PM
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UN meeting window of diplomacy for Iran: Analyst

New York, Sept 18, IRNA – Iran will benefit from a good opportunity for diplomacy at the United Nations General Assembly, an Iranian-American analyst said, calling the US an international pariah by abusing the Security Council.

'This will be an important opportunity for Rouhani to further demonstrate that it is the Trump administration that acts as a pariah and constitutes a direct threat to the stability of the Middle East and existence of the international liberal order,' Trita Parsi told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Tuesday.

However, the US-based analyst cautioned against pressure on the Iranian president for a much more aggressive tone.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday that President Rouhani will participate in and address the General Assembly.

Parsi, who is also founder of National Iranian American Council (NIAC), said the visit will be influential as it will entail diplomatic opportunities. He added that the opportunity availed to Iran is for diplomacy with the entire world and not just Trump.

'The international community must decide whether they want to live a rules-based system or if they will succumb to Trump's pressure and allow him to dictate the terms of state interaction. For that purpose, Rouhani can gain much by demonstrating the contrast between Iran's conduct on the JCPOA and that of Trump,' he said.

Referring to the reports that the US President Donald Trump will preside over a Security Council meeting, the analyst said that since he will be the President of the Council this month, so he exploited the authority in his own favor to call for such a meeting.

'However, the meeting can spectacularly backfire on Trump if Rouhani and Zarif play their cards right and show that it is Trump that the rest of the world view as a Pariah, not Iran,' he said.

'More and more countries are concluding that Trump is seeking to entirely destroy the existing institutions forming the liberal world order. Trump believes that it will be to the benefit of the United States - as a result of its military strength - if the world follows the law of the jungle,' he said.

'The only countries that agree with him are those who have significant influence inside the US political system - such as Israel and Saudi Arabia - and who as a result can manipulate the US power to their own benefit. For the rest of the world, this is a significant threat,' Parsi said.

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