Sep 18, 2018, 3:58 PM
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Trump needs to learn from past regime of sanctions' mistakes

Tehran, Sept 18, IRNA - Bloomberg analysts advised US President Donald Trump to recall the past regime of sanctions and Iran's circumventing them and learn from past mistakes.

Analysts at the Bloomberg News Agency have been focusing on the challenges facing the US sanctions policy for weeks before November 4 and the start of Donald Trump's sanctions on Iran. According to analysts, if sanctions were to impose favorite results on Iran's economy and behavior, Washington only had a few weeks by closing the ways to bypassing of Iran and cooperate with its partners more actively in order to find alternatives to Iran's oil.

One of the main challenges facing the high volume of Iran's sales is one of the types of ultra-light oil known as condensates, a commodity that is a subsidiary of petroleum products and natural gas, according to the news agency. These condensates are of two types: condensate derived from crude oil production, as well as condensate from a natural gas processing plant and crude oil refineries.

The United States, with the objective of boycotting Iran, places these two types of condensation under the heading of 'oil products' and not crude oil.

Alan R. Wald and Behnam Ben Taleblou claimed in their report that Iran produces and exports a large amount of condensates, often classified as crude oil. However, when the Barack Obama administration was about to initiate oil sanctions, the existence of a hole allowed countries to buy condensates without being punished. In the context of a decline in crude oil exports, this process included a cash surplus for Iran. According to The New York Times, Iran with sales of this condensate earned revenue of $ 1.5 billion in just one quarter of 2014.


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