South Iran traditional music group takes part in Mumbai Muhrram ceremony

New Delhi, Sept 17, IRNA – A well-known Iranian traditional music band performed local southern Iran ethnic mourning rituals and tunes in ceremonies marking holy month of Muharram in Mumbai, Inida.

According to the public relations office of Iran’s cultural representative in the megacity on Monday, the bank called “Lyian” attended a mourning ceremony for the third Shiite Imam Hussain and his 72 companions who were martyred in a battle sixty years after Hijra to save the Muslims from divide and uniting them.

The Iranian traditional music band performed the ritualistic music instrument called Dammam which is specially used by locals in the Persian Gulf littoral province on the occasion of Muharram mourning ceremonies.

Iran’s Consul-General in the city Ahmad Sadeqi, Head of Iranian Cultural House in Mumbai Mehdi Zarei and a large number of Iranians were present at the ceremony.

One speaker at the event, Hujjat Esfandiari briefed the audience on the philosophy of man’s creation and the perfection process of mankind which culminated in Holy Household of the Islamic Prophet (Muhammad). Another preacher focused on such topics of ethics which underlined as one of the main principals of Islam.

Then Liyan group from Bushehr, started a mourning ritual in Bushehri style which is done using Dammam and also numerous special big drums.

Similar ceremony also took place on the second night of Muharram in the Iranian mosque in Bombay. Another ceremony with the participation of resident Iranians were held in Shushtari Imambara which a place to host mourning ceremonies during Muharram.

Normally a Dammam group has 7,9 or 11 Dammam, a number of other instruments called Sanj and one horn. Some historians believe that Bushehries brought this instrument from India and learned to play it from them and then it gradually became part of the Imam Hussein mourning in the province.