Sep 16, 2018, 3:46 PM
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Trump trying to consign Zionists crimes to oblivion: US activist

New York, Sept 16, IRNA – US President Donald Trump raises issues like Iran in the United Nations Security Council to stop the process of dealing with the Zionist regime's crimes, said an Iranian-American human rights activist.

'It is possible that attention on Iran is in part a distraction from what Israel is doing,' Paul Larudee told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), answering the question whether the US is trying to avert attentions from the violations of human rights by Israel.

He added that's only a part of the motivation; Washington is trying to intimidate Iran into accepting what the US intends.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley had announced that the UNSC was to have a meeting, presided by US President Donald Trump, about Iran. But the US decided to change the subject to issue of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and missiles from Europe to the Middle East and Asia.

Though, it is expected that Trump will use the wider subject to talk about Iran, Russia, North Korea, and Syria.

Referring to the Fact that the US has started an all-out attack on the UN to defend Tel Aviv interests, Larudee said that Trump is supporting the Zionist regime because he is in dire need of the Zionist lobby in the US Congress.

'[Trump's] administration has been aggressively protective of Israel; this is because Trump needs allies; he needs allies for domestic purposes ... if he in anyway criticizes Israel then he is going to lose the few allies he has in the Congress and the administration.'

Noting that the US president doesn’t care about criticisms 'because he has Israel as his ally who will defend him', he said Trump 'sees Israel's dreams as his way of gaining the power necessary to do other things that he wants to do as a president.'

Answering IRNA's question about the fact that a while ago, the US blocked a statement against Israel and no condemnation was heard or seen, he said, 'The UN is a forum to provide a mechanism when the international community is willing to act together to solve a problem, such as disease and 'The United Nations was designed to be a place where the great powers exert their authority and the minor power and smaller nations take orders.'

Regarding the closing the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington DC, suspension of US payments to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for the Palestinians, and the ending of the US funding for the Palestinian authority, he said all of these are happening in essentially the same space of time; 'the timing is not a coincidence.'

'The only logical message that we can derive from that is the intention of the United States to help make the Palestinians as a people disappear, to remove their legitimacy in any form and to make them disappear from the earth, which is known as genocide.'

Commenting about the Oslo peace process between the Zionist regime and the Palestinian Authority and the fact that the US State Department said, 'This office has not taken steps to advance the start of direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel,' Larudee said the only 'option left for the Palestinian Authority and the ones that Washington and Tel Aviv have in mind are for the Palestinians essentially to capitulate to anything that Israel wants, including dissolution of the Palestinian existence as a society. They want Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.'

'Basically when Washington says that the Palestinians are not contributing to the negotiations they are saying the Palestinians are refusing to completely surrender.'

He also said that there is nothing left of the peace process. 'The peace process died many many years ago.'

The peace process has had no benefits whatsoever to the Palestinians during, so this means that 'there is no peace process.'

The human rights activist also commented about demography of the Occupied Palestine and said, 'The Israeli consider the non-Jewish population in what they consider to be Israel to be a problem. But they are finding solutions to that problem and the ultimate solution would be to arrange for their expulsion.'

He said that physical expulsion may not be possible and they may go after expelling the Arab and Christian population 'in terms of rights and even in term of territorial boundaries', i.e. 'to include the Palestinians in tiny reservations, as the Americans did with the indigenous Americans'.


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