Sep 16, 2018, 3:16 PM
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Europe, Iran to establish medical fund: Think tank

Tehran Sept 16, IRNA- The European Union and Iran could consider the medical fund for the transfer of medicine and medical supplies to Iran, the European Council on Foreign Relations said in a report.

'In such cases, there is no need for any banking action, and the risk of punishment for European companies by the United States will be reduced,' the council said.

Eli Granmayeh, senior associate of the think tank and James Miller, of the leaders of the Oxford International Development Group, added in a memo entitled 'Iran; a Case for the Trading of Humanitarian Goods', new US sanctions endanger the health of many Iranians, and Europe can do so by taking firm steps towards its nuclear commitment.

According to the European think tank established by British Marc Leonard in 2007, 'with the resumption of Washington's sanctions against Tehran, the crisis in the healthcare sector of Iran has risen and many news reports indicate a shortage of essential drugs and is projected to increase after the US sanctions on Iran's oil exports in November.

European and American companies that are able to provide the advanced drugs and equipment needed to treat chronic illnesses inside Iran now face the risk of American punishment for non-compliance with sanctions, but if medical supplies enter Iran, due to the dollar's rising rates against the Rial, they are sold at astronomical prices.

In fact, the main impact of these sanctions is on ordinary Iranians. The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights recently warned that the sanctions would undermine Iran's human rights, poorer people and lack of finance to buy imported goods.

However, the US government denies the impact of these sanctions on ordinary people by claiming to support the Iranian people.


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