Australian professor calls for expanding research activities with Iran

Tehran, Sept 15, IRNA- Antonio Verdejo-Garcia, Associate Professor at Monash University, Australia, has recognized the development and expansion of collaborative research activities between his country and Iran in the field of cognitive sciences, especially in cognitive interventions and cognitive rehabilitation as important, and emphasized the collaboration of researchers from both countries.

The member of the faculty at Monash University, Australia, who is Iran in order to attend the 12th International Congress on 'Addiction Knowledge' referred to Iran's knowledge and development of science in the educational and research spaces in accordance with international standards, adding, 'Participation of the wide range of students, scholars and researchers from several countries at this international congress shows the promotion of knowledge, especially the interest in the development of cognitive science in Iran.'

He carried out research projects on cognitive interventions, cognitive rehabilitation, and decision making on addiction as a result of his own experiences, adding that the presentation of extensive articles by researchers and professors regarding the ways of preventing addiction, the study of cognitive interventions and cognitive rehabilitation to the International Congress on Addiction Science is an indication of the promotion and development of cognitive science in Iran.

Associate Professor at the University of Monash, Australia, stated, 'Given the huge potential of scientific, educational and research in Iran, researchers from Iranian and Australian professors and specialists can cooperate in different areas of research, especially in the fields of cognitive science.'

He said that raising the level of awareness and information on addiction, especially among young people, as one of the main ways of preventing this social phenomenon. He noted that attention to rehabilitation and cognitive rehabilitation of addicts is also necessary and requires extensive cooperation and efforts.


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