Sep 12, 2018, 5:08 PM
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America looking for new ways of pressuring Iraq

Baghdad, Sept 12, IRNA - Media reports indicate that the United States is now pushing for new pressures on Iraq after the first round of defeat concerning the new Iraqi government's formation and failing to impose its demands.

In a report published in the Iraqi media, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar wrote, 'The United States has realized its failure and the success of its opposition against its interference in Iraq, and is now looking for new ways to exert pressure on the country.

The newspaper added that at a time when the gap between the two axis of al-Fatih (al-Ameri- al-Maliki) and Saeron (Sadr) had been eliminated, no clear agreement was reached between the two coalitions, the release of some rumors led Iraq's supreme religious authority to announce his opposition to former political figures for the post of prime minister.

That made Washington's options for the post of prime minister are virtually eliminated.

The observers of the talks in Baghdad believe that the political axis in Iraq, which opposes American pressure and intervention, won the first round of these pressures, and the Americans themselves acknowledged this failure, according to the report possibly showing signs of pressure back from other ways and with other titles.

Al-Akhbar newspaper pointed to the recent four-month efforts by Bert McGurk, the special envoy to the ISIL coalition, US ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman, and telephone conversations with Secretary of State George Pumpo on the issue of the formation of the new Iraqi government.

Various reports from Iraqi officials and personalities have revealed the promise and repeated threats posed by American officials to the new Iraqi parliamentarians to surrender to Washington options for a new government structure, including the future prime minister.


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