Sep 12, 2018, 11:47 AM
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Persian Language Workshop held in Hyderabad

New Delhi, Sept 12, IRNA - Persian Language Workshop was held in Hyderabad along with screening movie. This workshop with the participation of Hyderabad National Universities and the Maulana Azad University have been held in order to increase the students’ Persian language knowledge and also to motivate them to learn more.

IRNA, quoting public relations office of Consulate General of the Islamic Republic in Hyderabad, said the one-day workshop was held with collaboration of Hyderabad National University in two stages of elementary and advanced Persian language courses.

In this program, 2017 documentary film which was about Iran's progress and activities in the economic, political, religious, scientific, cultural and social fields as well as its historical, religious and tourist sites have been screened for 20 minutes.

Mohammad Haghbin, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Hyderabad after thanking for holding this workshop for interested students said: The students of each country are the future of it and they can play their important role in world scientific development by promoting and transferring their science to the future generations.

He added that in Islamic narratives, the Zakat of science is teaching to others and history has shown that we Iranians have paid it. Today, with the progress of science and technology and social networks the condition for producing and publishing science have changed. We have to keep ourselves updated and stay together and with sympathy and cooperation, we should bridge Iran and India.

He hoped such these meetings and workshops would continue and help the development of science and cooperation between Iran and India.

After him Prof. Probehakr Rao Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Hyderabad National University stated that today language has a great importance that contributes to the economic and social development of the country and In India, its value becomes more important everyday.

He believed that it is not possible to imagine the culture of Iran and India without each other. Hindi and Persian languages have been mixed up, and they originated from Sanskrit, and even in the old and new Indian music, you can find this unity.

He added: the relationship between Iranian and Indian nations are inside their hearts and learning Persian language is essential for the recovery of this relationship. He said to improve the two countries relationship teaching Persian is not enough and knowing the two countries culture is needed. Consulate General of Islamic republic of Iran in Hyderabad and Iran’s cultural house in Hyderabad can play an important role in this issue and There are many efforts and activities that have already been done in this field, He said.

Mohsen Ashoori, cultural attaché of the consulate general of I.R.Iran in Hyderabad said: by looking at the history of Persian language in India you can find its antiquity. Ashoori said: Although colonialism did it best to eliminate the Persian language in the subcontinent but Persian language has its roots in India. Persian was official language in Hyderabad and it was used in official correspondence there and many people were talking in Persian. For this reason there are many works in Persian in this country. On the other hand there are a lot of subscriptions between Persian and Urdu language. The strong root of Persian language in India is such that in the most Indian universities and religious schools, teaching Persian has a high priority.

He continued: 'If an Indian scholar and student wants to investigate the history of India and its cultural heritage, he needs to learn Persian language and this represents the history of India in the era of Persian language prosperity.Besides the history, in the field of science, by observing transcripts you can also understand the importance of Persian language in India. Referring to the existence of millions of manuscripts and inscriptions in Persian language in Indian collections such as mosques, gravestones and historical sites, he mentioned keeping these subscriptions as the cultural background of the two countries is essential.

He added: because of the Persian language special charm, song, rhythm of elegance and its spirituality that you can hardly find it in other languages, even in many European and American scientific centers Persian language is also taught.
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