Sep 11, 2018, 6:32 PM
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Syrian government cannot rule out continuation of sovereignty

Tehran, Sept 11, IRNA - Iran's former ambassador to Jordan, described Idlib as a beehive and said that the request for ceasefire in the province is not logical, and it is not possible to ask the Syrian government to even temporarily override its domination.

While the Syrian army is preparing to operate in Idlib as the last base of terrorists in Syria, a wave of media confrontation has begun against these operations by some regional and trans-regional countries; warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib, the likelihood of using chemical weapons and the threat of counteracting, the start of a new wave of refugees to Turkey and Europe is the focus of media and propaganda against the Syrian army's operations in Idlib.

Iran's former ambassador to Jordan, Nusrat Allah Tajik, in an interview with IRNA's political correspondent on this issue, likened the Syrian Idlib region to a beehive, saying, 'The West should pay attention if the terrorists are still present in the area. In the future, Europe will not be safe from them.'

He added that the desire of the United States, the West and even Turkey to accept the ceasefire by the Syrian government, while not knowing how the problem is going to end, is not logical, and it's not right to ask a government to rule over its own country even temporarily.

Iran's former ambassador to Jordan stressed, 'This is the right of the Syrian government to seek peace and security in its own country, and if different countries worry about a humanitarian catastrophe, the way is not to pressure the Syrian government and its allies not to take action. Perhaps it will be the same as in Daraa, where corridors for the withdrawal of civilians from conflict zones will be installed and, with such actions, peace and stability will prevail in Idlib.

'The crisis in Syria, in general, and the crisis in Idlib, in particular, does not have a military solution, and according to the complex human, ethnical and religion dimensions of the Syrian issues cannot be solved merely with military equations and things must be dealt with by political negotiations, the expert in international affairs said in response to a question that what will be the ceiling of Western actions to the Syrian military operation.


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