Sep 10, 2018, 11:16 PM
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Iran cultural week in Mumbai  displays handicrafts, photos

New Delhi, Sept 10, IRNA - A cultural event held in Mumbai displayed samples of Iranian handicrafts and photos of picturesque scenes in the country.

According to Iran's Cultural attache in the Indian megacity, the exhibition mostly features works by artists from Iran's Persian Gulf province of Bushehr.

The four-day event was organized by Iran culture house, with the presence of cultural attaché and many Iranian art and culture enthusiasts.

Talking in the opening of ceremony of the exhibition, Iran's cultural attach Mehdi Zare said that all cultural commonalities between any given countries reflect the ancient ties between the two nations.

He said it is no exaggeration to say that the element of culture has been the main essence and most important component of the lasting relationship between Iran and India for around thousands of years.

He stated that the greater the power of a culture, the more immense effect it will leave on other cultures and nation.

The Iranian official further noted that the Iranian culture has such an overwhelming power and ability that has managed to influence other countries and territories for a long time.

Zare said that a good proof of this impact was the presence of Iranian culture in India and the Subcontinent. He noted that for thousands of years, the people of Iran and India have numerous moral and spiritual connections and affinities that manifested itself in culture, art (including literature, poetry, music, etc.) and various forms of knowledge.

Zare went on to note that during the past few years, due to the close political and trade relations between Iran and India, there was a great deal of cultural interaction between the two countries with artists of the two nations greatly influencing the history of art in Iran and India..

Referring to the high capacity of artists in Bushehr province, he added that handicrafts and traditional arts of Bushehr province are famous with its artists producing very special kind of carvings, rugs and carpets.
Bushehr Cultural Week ended Sunday night.
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