Iran vice president urges using academic potentials in addressing issues

Tehran, Sept 10, IRNA – Iran’s First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri highlighted the role of universities in improving Iran’s conditions in a meeting on Monday with university chancellors and directors of the country's academic centers.

“Indigenous growth is the axis of sustainable development,” Jahangiri said.

“Exploiting internal capabilities is the key point to the resistance economy,” Jahangiri added.

Referring to recent achievements made by the Iranian universities, he said, “Iran’s impressive scientific position reflects efforts by our academics toward expansion of science and technology.”

“The US is under the illusion of being in possession of the superior economy,” Iran's first vice president said, stressing that the US has decided to instead of waging a military war against Iran lead a soft war against the country.

“US is using the leverages it has to put other countries under pressure to paralyze Iran, while using its media hegemony to affect Iranian people’s thoughts and beliefs,” Jahangiri said.

He went on to urge government to take advantage of all resources to confront threats against Iran’s economy.

Jahangiri ruled out US claims on halting Iran oil purchase, adding that the government will spare no efforts to compensate for the loss caused by declining oil revenues.


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