Synergy between China-Iran media influential in world

Tehran, Sept 9, IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Managing Director Seyyed Zia Hashemi, said that the media of China and Iran with synergy can work together to be effective in global media community and shine.

In a meeting with executive secretary of the Chinese Journalists' Association Wang Dong Ji and his accompanying media delegation on Sunday, Hashemi said that China's media position is unique and that it is expected to play an effective and desirable role in the world.

He welcomed IRNA's cooperation with the Chinese media in exchanging news, photos and videos, saying, 'We are pleased that the media from both countries of Iran and China are working together to be effective globally.'

Referring to the effective role of the Association of Iranian Journalists in making decisions, Hashemi said, 'The Iranian media are influencing decision-makers every year at meetings by electing representatives at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.'

The director of the Islamic Republic News Agency also announced the preparation of IRNA for training Chinese journalists at the IRNA School of News and the reciprocal training of Iranian journalists at the Chinese media educational institutions.

Executive secretary of the Chinese Journalists' Association Wang Dong Ji, also said that the association had been established since 1937 before the Chinese revolution, adding,' The peak of media activity in China has been over last 40 years, as there are now two state news agencies, more than 2,000 television networks and 9,000 radio stations in the country, and it has media relations with 60 countries.'

She said Iran is an important country in the Middle East, stating, 'We hope to have a great, long, and deeper cooperation with Iranian media.'


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