US not entitled to tell Iran about policies: Iran envoy

Islamabad, Sept 9, IRNA - Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost said that the US is not entitled to tell Iran about what policies it should or should not adopt.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Iran-Pakistan strategic cooperation’ at Pakistan’s National Defense University (NDU) in Islamabad, the ambassador said Iran’s power is deterrent and “we have no fight or war with anybody.”

“We are looking for the peace and prosperity of all countries especially the countries of our region who have suffered lot of pain due to war and conflicts,” said the ambassador.

He added that the US President Donald Trump walked away from the deal after failing to convince EU or the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

“Persistent [Trump’s] accusations against Iran are part of the psychological war by the enemies,” the ambassador said.

He said that US supports Zionist Regime’s inhuman policies on Palestine and Americans feel no respect for the international peace treaties.

“The United States is not entitled to tell Iran about policies. We believe that Idlib city of Syria must be cleansed of terrorists so that peace in Syria can be restored,” Honardoost said.

He added that the foreign backed terrorists in the Idlib remain the last hurdle in restoring peace in Syria.

Noting that Syrian territorial integrity must be respected, the ambassador added all ethnic groups must collectively restart the construction process and all the displaced must return to their homes.

He said Iran continues to support Syria in the fight against terrorism.

The Iranian diplomat said Tehran believes that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a multidimensional project and if we look to all the sides of the project we can see that it has lot more potentials than other projects in the region.

“CPEC is not only an economic project but it can help to overcome some differences in the region,” he said adding the vast part of the CPEC is related to energy like oil and gas.

“Our region should not be under black shadow of tensions, disparity, frictions and plots,” said the ambassador noting that all problems in the region can be solved through cooperation among the regional states.

“Our people in the two countries deserve better lives,” he said.

The ambassador noted that all countries in the region are young which means we have great power for labor force and cooperation among the regional states would provide better job opportunities to those young people.

He said Iran, as the second largest source of energy and sixth largest power in Nano technology, is interested to join the CPEC.

“If Iran joins the CPEC, ground for some other countries to join the massive project will be prepared,” he added.

“We believe that Chabahar is complimentary to Gwadar port,” said the diplomat adding that establishment of a rail network between Gwadar and Chabahar and its stretch up to Europe and Central Asia from Iran would witness a major economic development in the region.

Honardoost said that Iran and Pakistan, being two important neighbors in the region, should strive further with strong resolve for enhancing their bilateral cooperation.

He added Iran and Pakistan also play an important role in Afghanistan after the end of the cold war, overcoming some problems in this region and especially during recent times and after new strategy of the US administration regarding Afghanistan which is opposed by the two countries.

The ambassador said that Pakistan due to its maritime and coastal location with the Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean in terms of maritime exercise enjoys a special place. This country enjoys high capability of land and maritime powers.

He said that the most important factor of the independence of Pakistan was Islam, that’s why interaction with Islamic countries has been the priority in Islamabad’s Foreign Policy.

“Since the Islamic Republic of Iran also has legitimacy with Islam, so Pakistan has special place in the foreign policy of Iran,” Honardoost said adding this is why Iran and Pakistan have been participating in most of the OIC conferences.

“Unfortunately, in view of differences of some countries, effectiveness of the organization could not be materialized well,” he said.

He added that one of the most important cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in shape of regional pacts is in the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).

He added that ECO can play its due role regarding the cooperation among important regional countries in the field of economic development.

He added that one of the ways to enhance cooperation between Iran and Pakistan has been the creation of common Islamic market.
The ambassador said cooperation among important regional countries like Iran, Pakistan and Turkey and some other regional countries who unfortunately have become ignorant and look forward towards US can create a great alliance in this geopolitical and sensitive region with huge material and human resources.


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