Putin: Tehran-Moscow relations, cooperation in various sectors positive

Tehran, Sept 8, IRNA- Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, in a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran's hospitability in holding the tripartite summit on Syria and regarded Tehran-Moscow relations and cooperation in various sectors positive.

President Putin stated Iran-Russia relations are developing in various sectors and stressed the importance of economic ties, highlighting the necessity of the efforts of the two countries' officials in this regard.

Russian President referred to the existing areas of cooperation between Iran and Russia in various sectors including commercial, economic, agricultural, energy, nuclear and infrastructure sectors and said Russia is ready to cooperate with Iran in North-South Corridor Project, a sea, rail, and road route expected to facilitate and boost exchange of goods between India, Russia, Iran, Europe and Central Asia.

Highlighting the importance of sustaining JCPOA and the parties' fulfilling their commitments, Putin added Russia is seeking consultations with the signatories to the nuclear deal to find ways to maintain and develop economic ties with Iran.

President Putin referred to the necessity of developing bilateral cooperation and trade between the two countries using national currency and said Russian companies will not stop investing in Iranian projects.

Meanwhile, Putin pointed to the positive role Iran and Russia play in resolving the Syria crisis and said following the gradual elimination of terrorist threats in Syria, the political settlement of the crisis will be on the agenda.

The summit of Iran, Russia, and Turkey presidents was held in Tehran on September 7 as a follow-up to the Astana meeting held in Kazakhstan in mid-March.


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