Sep 8, 2018, 11:26 AM
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Government at forefront of economic war: Iran President

Tehran, Sept 8, IRNA – The Iranian people have never retreated even in the face of the direst conditions, Iran President Hassan Rouhani said, stressing the government is at the forefront of an economic war.

'We do not have any enemy, but the United States, Zionist regime of Israel and their allies,' President Rouhani said on Saturday, addressing a ceremony in the Iranian capital held to mark the Government Week.

He said that the government should use all in its capacity to confront and foil external plots orchestrated by Washington and should not be distracted by other issues.

Referring to US pressures against Iran, President Rouhani said that the Iranian people are not scared of the new administration team currently in power at the White House.

'They do not even know what they are doing and what they are saying, while they are conflicting with all other parties,' he said.

'The people now in the White House are not only in a conflict with the Islamic Republic Establishment in Iran, but also with the old traditional US friends and even the countries they maintain a high level of economic engagement with,' he said.

He went on to blast the US double standards in its approach towards Iran.

'While they put the Iranian people under pressure, they, using different ways, continue sending Iran messages offering the country to engage in talks,' President Rouhani said, expressing surprise over sending such messages by the US and its exercise of leniency and at the same time its brutal behavior towards Iran.

'Today is the day of a national big test,' he stressed, praising the Iranian people as a nation who has passed through very critical junctures to achieve independence and freedom.


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