Sep 6, 2018, 3:35 AM
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Settlement area of Middle Elamite era rescued

Tehran, Sept 6, IRNA- During the archeological explorations in the ancient Kani Jooni area in Kouhdasht, Lorestan Province, for determination of the limits and privacy of the area the settlement enclosure dating back to the Middle Elamite period was rescued from destruction.

The pottery discovered in the project to determine the limits and privacy of Kani Jooni which was conducted to prevent further destruction of the area showed that the settlement area dates back to the Middle Elamite period.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Hamzeh Qobadizadeh, head of the archeology team, as saying that the annual plowing of the site for farming purposes and unauthorized excavations have caused severe destruction of the site.

He further remarked that the necessity of providing protective regulations to prevent further damage led to inclusion of the probing plan to determine the limits and privacy of the hill is on the agenda of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism General Department of Lorestan province.

Qobadizadeh, who is a Ph.D. student of archeology at the University of Tehran noted that exploration operations were conducted by the excavation of 30 boreholes which resulted in the determination of certain limits as the real span and protective privacy of the area.

He referred to the pottery and some pieces of inscribed broken bricks as the most important cultural findings in the research works and said study of the pottery as well as pieces of the inscribed broken bricks shows that the settlement area dates back to the Middle Elamite period.

The head of the archeology team said that study of the discovered inscribed bricks could in the future respond to many questions of the researchers about the studies of the Elamite period, especially presence of the Elamites in the Central Zagros and Lorestan Province.


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