French filmmaker: Children filmfest brilliant opportunity to discover Iran

Tehran, Sept 6, IRNA - A French producer described Iran’s 31st International Film Festival for Children and Youth currently underway in central Province of Isfahan as a “brilliant opportunity” to discover Iran with his own eyes and not through media.

Speaking in an interview with the reporter of the festival’s news headquarters, Emile Gignoux, a French filmmaker who has directed two short animations at the end of his academic studies, said the name of his movie is “Dark Dark Woods” which went to Gifoni Film Festival in Italy and it could attract the attention of the representatives.

It is a short movie about a young princess who is very stressful in doing everything right and proper. Her stress increases gradually during the movie, but, one night she explodes and tries to have fun in her castle through talking with monsters and enjoying her time. And this way she can take life more easily.

In response to a question on Iranian cinema, he said 'I have seen a little bit of movies and animations from Iran but nothing for youth, so I don’t have enough information.'

Elaborating on Iranian cinema position in the world, he said 'That is a tough question. It is pretty well recognized in terms of quality, we are witnessing the presence of several Iranian movies in the important global festivals.'

'I think cinema plays a key role in this respect and that’s why I make movie for children. It can help a lot. If you have a lot of role models and main characters in movie then it encourages kids to be the same as them and to play more roles,' he said referring to cinema role in preparing children as future adults.

The 31st edition of International Film Festival for Children and Youth inaugurated on August 30 in central Province of Isfahan and was wrapped up on September 5.


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