Sep 5, 2018, 11:35 PM
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Russia: Fate of Idlib to be determined in Tehran

Moscow, Sept 5, IRNA- The Russian deputy foreign minister said that the fate of the Syrian province of Idlib from military point of view will be determined following the summit meeting of Iran, Russia and Turkey in Tehran.

In response to a question raised by Tass reporter, Sergei Ryabkov said military strike against the last position of terrorists in Syria has begun given the last night Russian airstrikes against Idlib.

He said, 'Our Western partners know well that the situation in Syria cannot be normalized without removing the terrorists in Idlib.'

Ryabkov said that Russia had a positive attitude towards the fight against terrorism in Syria and that it was trying to minimize civilian casualties, adding that Russia has warned almost on daily basis against the use of chemical weapons by terrorist groups in Idlib.

In response to another question regarding the continuation of communications between Russia and the United States, he said, 'Yes, our communications have not been cut off, and we are in contact at both military and diplomatic levels.'

The Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey will talk in Tehran on Friday, especially on the issue of Idlib.

Russia has announced over the past two weeks its concerns about staging chemical attacks in Idlib by terrorist groups led by British intelligence services.

The United States has accused the Syrian government of planning to carry out chemical attack on Idlib and warned to react harshly.

US President Donald Tramp has warned Syria and its allies, including Iran, Russia and Turkey, against military attacks on Idlib.


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