Sep 3, 2018, 5:52 PM
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Envoy: Caspian sea convention based on consensus

Tehran, Sept 3, IRNA - New Iranian ambassador to Kazakhstan said that Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea was the result of the consensus among five coastal states and and also consensus among the decision-making bodies of the system.

Speaking at the special meeting of 'Convention on the Caspian Sea Legal Regime, extension of Caspian cooperation' on Monday, Majid Saber said what has been signed was the result of the studies and decisions that have been made during the past 18 months by the Supreme National Security Council and later signed and approved by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution.

'This convention is a framework that covers the general issues, and the review and negotiation on its details are postponed. The reason for this decision was the existence of clauses that were negotiated for 10 years and did not come about. We signed the achievements of these 20 years and postponed those differences that we had to solve in the future,' he recalled.

The official went on to say that In the Caspian Sea Convention, two issues of limitation of the boundaries and determination of the source lines were removed. The overall security and military, maritime and environmental issues were set and the details should be specified in the future. Some of the provisions of the convention, such as the environmental parts of the water, were signed because of the importance of the subject of prior agreements.

The head of the Secretariat of the Caspian Sea in the foreign ministry noted, 'We do not have 50% or 20% division in any resolution. What is said in the interviews is considered to be a mistake in dividing the issue equally. The division of 20 percent is not in Iran's position, but rather a safeguard measure until the limitation of the borders is finalized.


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