Bishop Davidian: US claims on religious minorities rights in Iran biased

Tehran, Sept 3, IRNA – Head of Armenian Catholic diocese of Iran Bishop Sarkis Davidian in reaction to claims of a number of US officials said on Monday that Armenian have full freedom in Iran, adding the sect is concerned over about sanctions imposed against Iranians.

In a statement published on Monday, Bishop Davidian said that Armenian Catholic, like world community, is concerned over imposing new sanctions, which will affect the whole nation, including religious minorities.

The statement underlined that claims by a number of US officials about religious minorities rights in Iran and lack of freedom to practice rituals is biased and baseless.

The US viewpoint on minorities is an opportunistic view to meet the interests of the US.

They support them apparently, but in other cases they victimize them for their hegemonic policies.

The bishop wrote; 'We as a member of world divine religion community, pray to the almighty God not to let the unfair and unilateral decisions against Iran be fulfilled and putting a prompt end to the US meddling in other countries' affairs.'

Peace, tranquility and friendship among mankind is God desire and everything which causes enmity, hate and discord among people is condemned and with homophony with other peaceful nations, wants co-existence accompany with independence, peace and tranquility, the statement said.


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