Sep 3, 2018, 3:00 PM
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OANA to become influential through synergy: IRNA Chief

Tehran, Sept 3, IRNA – In today's world, making alliances is necessary for being effective, and the Asia-Pacific media alliance can turn into an influential one through synergy and cooperation, head of the Iranian state-run news agency said on Monday.

Zia Hashemi Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) made the remarks in his opening speech at the 43rd session of Executive Board Meeting of the Organization of Asia-Pacific (OANA) News Agencies in Tehran.

The full text of his speech is as follows:

Today, unilateralism, being marginalized, has lost its place. In fact, multilateralism and multipolarism, is moving up toward the center stage. The communication field is no exception; the media hegemony imposed by some powerful and privileged countries on less-developed ones is not viable anymore.

Nowadays, multilateralism and media alliances have such important functions in different parts of the world that can marginalize the media monopoly. The new situation prevents a situation in which just a few countries see themselves as the axis of communication world and pursue their goals through mainstreaming. One of the prominent alliances for confronting media monopoly and hegemony is the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) that as an effective alliance can take foundational steps toward having a free flow of information with no monopoly.

In fact, in today's world, the function assigned to a professional alliance is dissemination of correct information. Therefore, it seems that OANA needs a new agenda, resetting, restructuring, and more professional organization; goals that can be realized through the cooperation of all members.

With improvement in communication, no media are able to continue their monopoly any more. OANA can play an influential role in developing cooperation, both at regional and international levels. So, OANA can be a model for other countries in joining regional media alliances.

In the same way that using instruments involves training and strategies, with the correct use of media and raising media literacy, we can benefit from the media in an appropriate way. Media literacy, as a combination of techniques of effective use of media as well as recognition of the media, to some extent can lead to grasping an appropriate understanding of media and a right approach to use them. To pursue the goals, OANA can play a role by raising media literacy. The organization can also be turned into an alliance of efficient news agencies by launching joint research projects with its member states in tandem with boosting its hardware and software capacities.

Today, it seems that media effectiveness and the power to mainstream without efficient alliances are less likely, if not impossible. Therefore, the synergy, integrated, and cooperated moves can make a powerful alliance out of OANA.


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