Iran director urges youth to learn battle of cinema via film making olympiad

Tehran, Sept 3, IRNA - The renowned Iranian movie director Abolfazl Jalili said the youth should learn the battle of cinema in educational programs such as the Film Making Olympiad of Iran.

Commenting on the Olympiad which is being held on the sidelines of the 31st edition of International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Isfahan, Jalili, who has made numerous films for youngsters, said that this supplementary event should prepare the youth for the cinematic battle.

He added that they should not be solely watching the entertaining parts of this art and industry.

“The mere act of holding this Olympiad is good for the youth; however, the output produced by these courses should be evaluated as well,” the director commented.

He is of the opinion that with the current set of circumstances, neither theoretical nor practical education of cinema will be of any use, unless adolescents are additionally given the chance to learn ethics and wisdom.

“I believe what today’s cinema needs, besides education, is ethics and wisdom. I hope that the same thing happens with the case of the Olympiad, dedicated to the youth.”

The ‘Scabies’ (La Gale) director added, “If holding the Olympiad for the youth target planting the concept of cinema as a life-giving visual art, it would be very beneficial. In line with achieving that aim, we should recruit the best and most talented individuals for cinema from all regions across the country.”

He remarked that these auditions must not be restricted to a single round of cinematic event, and lots of time should be dedicated to the process of choosing the best from all regions across the country.”

Jalili stressed that the cinematic battle should be taught to juveniles and those interested in entering this profession.

He furthered went on to say, “Most of non-professional audiences hold an entertainment-based view upon this art and industry, while it is untrue; cinema is a battle through and through – a battle struggling to reach a desired result. Therefore, educational programs like the Olympiad should act as venues for teaching the cinematic battle to the youth.”

A member of Iran’s ‘new wave’ movement, Jalili once won a prize in the Venice Film Festival, which is one of the most prestigious movie awards in the world.

The festival opened on August 30 in the historic city of Isfahan and will end on September 5.


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