Sep 3, 2018, 12:50 AM
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OANA helps member states develop relations
Kuala Lumpur, Sept 3, IRNA - Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) has played a role in developing among the regional nations, said General Director of Vietnam News Agency Nguyen Duc Loi on the occasion of the 43rd meeting of OANA's Executive Board in Tehran to be held on Monday.

Speaking in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) and commenting on the role of the OANA and East Asian news agencies in covering regional and global events in a forthright and impartial manner, Nguyen Duc Loi said, 'Since the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) was set up in 1961, its member agencies have consistently adhered to the basic principles of journalism in general and OANA in particular – forthrightness, impartiality, accuracy and good timing.

Over the past five decades, OANA member news agencies have always conformed to these principles. In 2015, OANA members agreed to include these principles in the OANA Code of Practice and Editorial Guidelines.

Furthermore, more than 40 member news agencies from 35 countries acknowledge the diversity and difference in terms of politics, culture and society of these countries. In other words, OANA and its members respect this difference as well as fundamental ethical codes of journalism during their news coverage to provide unbiased, humane and the latest stories to regional and global networks of news outlets.

On the role of OANA in the development of relations between countries in the region and solving tensions between nations, VNA General Director said,' As a press organization covering Asia-Pacific, OANA and its members are now responsible for two-thirds of news circulated throughout the world. In the charter adopted when the OANA was founded in 1961, the organization showed that it is well-aware of the responsibility to provide adequate, accurate and fast news reports on Asia-Pacific in any circumstance to promote peace, human rights and dignity with respect to the diversity of culture and customs between the nations. All these are fundamental to sustainably maintaining and developing relations among the regional nations.

Over the past decades, relations between countries in Asia-Pacific have experienced many ups and downs. However, OANA, as a professional organization, has worked on the principle of being a non-political forum for its members. In other words, when its members participate in OANA discussions, they put aside political differences to focus only on professional journalism issues. Fulfilling the mission of reporting accurate, unbiased and non-discriminatory stories, OANA and its members have been contributing to deepening mutual understanding between the countries, even conflicting states, to find out solutions to regional and global tensions and conflicts.

Commenting on strengthening relations between IRNA and VNA and if he has any ideas in mind to expand cooperation between Vietnam and Iran, Nguyen Duc Loi said, 'We, VNA and IRNA, have not only maintained relations within the framework of OANA but also conducted a number of bilateral cooperation activities over the past years. Among them was the signing of an agreement on bilateral information exchange on the sidelines of the 39th meeting of the OANA Executive Board in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, in 2015. Under the agreement, the two sides have been exchanging news and photos daily.

'Against the backdrop of the growing demand for multimedia stories, VNA hopes the two sides will consider exchanging more videos covering current events in the two countries to allow more accurate and faster news reporting on the situation in the Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asia; as well as video clips promoting the two countries’ culture and tourism in a bid to increase mutual understanding between their people.

With regard to the Vietnam-Iran cooperation, Iran is a traditional trade partner of Vietnam in the Middle East. Two-way trade turnover has expanded at a significant pace for years. During meetings between leaders of the two nations, both sides expressed interest in bolstering the long-standing relations and taking the bilateral ties to a new height for the benefit of their people. Leaders of Vietnam and Iran committed to intensifying cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, industry, agriculture, finance and banking. Vietnam and Iran are celebrating the 45th founding anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2018. I think this is a good time for the two news agencies to further step up the exchange of information as part of the efforts to improve mutual understanding between the two countries’ people and open up more opportunities for partnership in different fields between Vietnam and Iran in the future.'


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