Sep 2, 2018, 5:25 PM
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Cultural diplomacy forging Tehran-Beijing relations

Beijing, Sept 2, IRNA- Cultural diplomacy as one of branches of public diplomacy plays an important role in consolidating relations between Iran and China and has been able to slowly play its role alongside the political and economic relations of the two countries.

Culture, especially the field of books that has a powerful role in international affairs, has become one of the links of development and strengthening of cultural relations between Iran and China these days.

Today's cultural discourse has become more widely accepted as a popular discourse alongside economics and politics, allowing a country like Iran to engage with diverse actors on the global scene and pursue cross-cultural diplomacy.

The book as a foundation for cultural development along with other factors plays an important role in promoting cooperation as well as deepening the relations of nations, and the establishment of the 25th Beijing International Book Fair with the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has provided this opportunity more than ever.

In this exhibition, Chinese readers and enthusiasts familiar with Iranian culture became acquainted with the Persian literature as well as the Persian translation of the works.

The works of Iranian writers have been welcomed and accepted by Chinese readers and publishers due to the cultural and historical cooperation between Iran and China.

The director of the Cultural Company 'Lin Shi Yuan' Yang Ping in Beijing, who is one of the enthusiasts of Iranian culture, especially the Iranian book, says, 'Iranian writers' books, due to their rich cultural and fascinating themes, have recently been welcomed by the Chinese readers.'

The Chinese publisher mentioned the need for the attention of publishers and literary peoples of the two countries to the topic of the book: the development of relations between Iranian and Chinese writers and artists is one of the achievements of signing the contract, which can continue with the continuation of these programs.

The director of the Iran booth at the Beijing International Book Fair, also referred to the cultural relations between Iran and China in the field of book and said, 'One of the achievements of this exhibition is the signing of the copyright contract of Iranian books to Chinese companies in which 10 Iranian books China got copyright.'

Shiva Vakil Nasliyan said that the book was a window for reducing cultural differences between countries, adding that the exhibition, while introducing Iranian books, was an opportunity to strengthen cultural relations.


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