Sep 2, 2018, 5:08 PM
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US expert urges Trump to help Iran, Russia, Turkey to stabilze Idlib

Tehran, Sept 2, IRNA – President Donald Trump’s administration should join Russia, Turkey, and Iran in Idlib war and US should support the Idlib and Syrian people or it will suffer the dire consequences, wrote US newswebsie, National Interest.

'The battle for the Syrian Idlib province has begun, and its ramifications for US national security are critical. Bordered by Turkey in the north, the Assad regime in the south, and the US-supported Kurds in the northeast, Idlib province, whose airspace is controlled by the Russians, is the last rebel-held and contested area in Syria. Turkey, Russia and Iran have been holding senior level meetings to prevent another tragedy affecting more than 2 million Syrians.

An estimated 100,000 or more rebels, including a majority of Salafi-jihadis, have entrenched their military presence in Idlib. Led by al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and Daesh (ISIL), these Salafi-jihadis have launched a concerted propaganda campaign to terrorize the West – especially the United States – into panic, mayhem and grief. The Trump administration should disabuse itself of the belief that Daesh and al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq have been defeated,' wrote the professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University Robert G. Rabil in a report dubbed 'Daesh is not dead'.

He referred to the recent activities of terrorists and said, 'In the last few weeks, Daesh and al-Qaeda have joined hands to incite Muslims, especially in the West, to carry out terror attacks, including using unconventional weapons, on vital Western interests. On July 20, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Telegram channel 'Distance of Month's Journey Media' published a book titled “Jihad Without Borders – Attacks in the West from an Islamic Perspective”. The sixty-eight-page book, underscoring controversial Islamic sources, justified jihad in the West as part of the indisputable concept of what Salafi-jihadis consider “jihad without borders.”’.

Rabil rejected the complete removal of Daesh and said, 'Contrary to the accepted general belief, Daesh and al-Qaeda have not been defeated even in Syria and Iraq. This has been confirmed by the alarming news recently published by the Pentagon’s Lead Inspector General Report to the United States Congress, which estimated that 31,000 ISIS fighters have remained in Iraq and Syria.'

Referring to Turkey’s plans, he said, 'The Trump administration must participate in the ongoing efforts by Russia, Turkey and Iran to stabilize Idlib. Turkey has broached several plans to preclude an offensive by the Syrian regime on Idlib and disperse the Syrian opposition. A reported plan sought to unify most of the opposition into one group under the supervision of Turkey, remove certain Salafi-jihadi leaders from Idlib, and compel the opposition to surrender all heavy weapons.'

He concluded, 'Whatever may or may not be agreed upon in the ongoing negotiations; the Trump administration has to pursue a delicate two-pronged approach to Idlib – protect Syrians and give no quarter to Daesh, al-Qaeda or their affiliates. Otherwise, it will be engaging in a policy of costly self-denial.'


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