APP chief calls for enhanced media cooperation among OANA states

Islamabad, Sept 2, IRNA - Managing Director of the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) has called for enhanced cooperation among the member states of Organization of the Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) for the benefit of their own people.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Masood Malik said that the OANA is playing a very important role to create coordination between the news agencies and bringing the journalists together especially in the context of regional politics and regional issues.

He said Pakistan’s participation in the conference as an observer will give us an opportunity to look closely the affairs and proceedings of the conference and APP being an associate of IRNA news agency would contribute as much as it can to make this conference a successful venture. “We are thankful to the management of IRNA news agency for inviting us,” he said.

The senior journalist added that there is a dire need to bring news agencies of various countries especially the news agencies of the region to work together so that they can create more harmony among the masses of their respective countries. He said OANA can play a very important role to bring together the media people of various countries to exchange their views and share their information.

“This will play a vital role for the world peace and for the progress of the respective countries,” he said.

Replying to a question he said, 'We have to create understanding and remove misunderstandings which are taking place in different countries.'

He noted that there are certain forces in the world which are propagating negative things for their own interests and this sort of negativity we counter should be tackled and confronted by the news organizations like OANA. “I think it has to create more understanding about the issues faced by different countries,” he said.

The top journalist said that every region has its own problems and every region has its own priorities and of course there is a great need to highlight the issues faced by this region.

'Unfortunately, for a long time we have seen the issues which are highlighted by the Western media are followed by Eastern media; that is why the real point of view of the situation is not properly projected in the media.'

The APP chief was of the view that East should work more closely because now the world has been changed altogether and the priorities of the super powers have changed according to their own interests.

He said that countries like Iran, Pakistan and others should poll their resources for the development and progress of their own people. “Media can play a very important role in creating understanding among the countries and the nations,” said the journalist.

Masood Malik said that media is playing a very important role in all walks of life, in every country and in every society. “I think that media diplomacy is very much part of the formal diplomacy as media can change minds of the people,” he noted.

He said that if media is used positively, it can create a better understanding about the issues and about the problems of different countries. He added that media should have to play a positive role to create peace in the world and to get rid of exploitation.

He said that APP and IRNA are both sister organizations and have been cooperating in past also and presently we are also exploring different areas where we can work together.

“I am thankful to IRNA for participating in the news agencies conference which we arranged in Islamabad and we learnt a lot from the experience of our friends,” he said.

“We evolved a common strategy to further improve the working of news agencies to create more understanding on issues and create more harmony among masses,” said the official.

He said that people of Pakistan have lot of love and respect for the Iranian people and they also want to know about the progress, culture and customs of Iranian nation and similarly Iranian people would like to know about Pakistan.

“Both news agencies can play a very important role to create understanding and more friendly and brotherly relations between Iran and Pakistan,” viewed Masood Malik.

He said that Iran is a great country and a great nation; they would overcome the issue of external pressure over its peaceful nuclear program. “We also faced the same kinds of problems when we started our peaceful nuclear program,” he said.

He said that diplomatic channels should not be closed and Iran should exercise its all options of diplomacy to convince the world about its view point. “It seems that the world especially the impartial and neutral world states understand the Iranian view point,” he added.

The APP head went on to say that the US should also review its policy towards Iran, adding 'I think if the US and other countries can become a nuclear power, Iran has the equal right to acquire that technology for peaceful purposes.'


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