Mutual cooperation to thwart West one-way media hype: Anadolu official

Ankara, Sept 1, IRNA - Deputy Director General of Anadolu News Agency, Metin Mutanoglu said that close cooperation between news agencies of developing countries will be an impassable barrier against one-sided media hype masterminded by Western media.

Speaking to IRNA on the occasion of Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) meeting which is to be kicked off in Tehran on Monday (September 3), he called for closer cooperation between regional countries with OANA to put an end to Western media hegemony.

To attain the goals, OANA members should be well equipped with the latest technological know-how for news dissemination and holding training workshops in the field, Metin Mutanoglu said.

He also called for formation of OANA permanent secretariat and appointment of OANA secretary general which gives it a say at international organizations.

In fact, OANA members should exchange their experiences and information in the field, he said, adding that such unions prepare grounds for expansion of professional cooperation between them.

OANA is established to help free flow of information in Asia and Oceanea, he said, adding that Anadolu News Agency along with other members has signed various MoUs to bolster exchange of news and information among countries in the region.

New technological know-how has created a very serious evolution in Media in a way that people in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Oceanea can follow their news in social media and avoid depending on their local news networks, he said and called for more share for OANA to this end.

Nowadays, low-cost social media target more people and OANA should pay due attention to their significant status in meeting its aspiration, he said.

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) is regarded as a significant news agency in the region as well as the world and has had very profound, friendly and professional ties with Anadolu of Turkey, he said.

To put an end to hegemony of Western media in the region, OANA members should jointly broaden mutual and multilateral cooperation, he underlined.

There is no doubt that over half of the world news concerns the Middle East region and for this reason, OANA should be well equipped with sophisticated mechanisms to relay news and analyses, he said.

The US is not committed to its international pledges, he said, adding that they have free trade with world countries but prevent others to do so which is an insult to the countries' independence.

US withdrawal from the JCOPA can deal a heavy blow to the stability of the region and the world, Mutanoglu said.

Turkish officials for many times have condemned US unfair economic sanctions against Iran, he pointed out, adding that Turkey attaches importance to regional stability.

World media should flow correct news and information while remaining committed to the language of peace in their communications, he said.

The 43rd meeting of the executive board of Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) will be hosted by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in Tehran on September 3.

The day-long meeting will be attended by heads and senior officials of 18 news agencies from Russia, Republic of Azerbaijan, China, Qatar, Turkey, Oman, Mongolia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bulgaria, and the Iranian Mehr News Agency.

Most of the participating news agencies are members of the executive board, and some are invited as the observers and special guests in Tehran meeting.

The OANA was founded in 1961 with the goal of facilitating information dissemination in the region, supported by the UN cultural entity, the UNESCO. The organization covering two thirds of the world population has now 44 members from 35 countries of Asian and Oceania.

Iran, as a long-standing member, has been the rotating president in 1997-2000. The period was followed by a term of vice-presidency until 2016. The country is now a member of OANA executive board.

The last (16th) general assembly of OANA was held in Azerbaijan's capital city, Baku, in 2016 to submit the presidency to the Central Asian country.

At Tehran meeting, South Korea is expected to assume the rotating presidency for the coming three years.

The executive board comprises of 13 members with Azertac, ITAR-TASS, Xinhua, Yonhap and Anadolu as its current board of directors members.


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